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He also recommends specific foods for each season of the year. For example, during winter, digestion is accelerated, so the amount of food consumed should also be increased. Moreover, the food should also be warmer and drier, as temperatures are lower and humidity is higher. Kitab al-Taysir seems to be the last book of Ibn Zuhr before his death. As mentioned in the introduction, the book was authored at the request of his friend, Averroes , to act as a compendium to his medical encyclopedia Colliget which focused more on general topics of medicine.


The two books were later translated into Hebrew and Latin, where they used to be printed as a single book and remained popular as late as the 18th century. The book, which contains 30 chapters, provides clinical descriptions and diagnosis of diseases starting from the head. Ibn Zuhr provided an accurate description of the esophageal, stomach and mediastinal cancers, as well as other lesions. He proposed feeding enemas to keep alive patients with stomach cancer. He was also the first to give pathological descriptions of inflammations like otitis media and pericarditis.

Ibn Zuhr is also credited with providing one of the earliest recorded evidence of the Scabies mite, which contributed to the scientific advancement of microbiology.

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In his Kitab al-Taysir, he wrote the following:. There are lice under the hand, ankle and foot like worms, and sores affecting the same areas.

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If the skin is removed, there appears from various parts of it, a very small animal which can hardly be seen. Perhaps Ibn Zuhr's greatest contribution to medicine was his application of experimental method by introducing animal testing.

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He is known to have performed medical procedures on animals before doing them on humans to know if they would work. Most notable was his approval and recommendation for the surgical procedure of tracheotomy, which was a controversial procedure at the time. In trying to sort out the controversy, Ibn Zuhr described the following medical experiment which he performed on a goat:.

Then I completely cut off the substance of the pipe, an area just less than the size of a tirmisah lupine seed. Then, I kept washing the wound with water and honey till it healed and it the animal totally recovered and lived for a long time. Ibn Abi Usaibia mentions these other works of Ibn Zuhr:. The Jewish physician-philosopher Maimonides admired Ibn Zuhr, describing him as "unique in his age and one of the great sages". He frequently quoted him in his medical texts. Averroes praised him as the greatest physician since Galen. Both his daughter and granddaughter also became physicians, specializing in obstetrics.

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Biography Lists. Intro Sunni muslim scholar A. Biography Avenzoar was born in Seville in , to the notable Banu Zuhr family who were members of the Arab tribe of Iyad. Works Kitab al-Iqtisad "The book of moderation," this was a treatise on general therapy written in his youth for the Almoravid prince Ibrahim Yusuf ibn Tashfin.

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  • Kitab al-Aghdhiya The book of foods, as its name indicates, is a manual on foods and regimen which contains guidelines for a healthy life.