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Heads Up. Look at an ingress chart to get a peak at what the next three months may hold. He reminds us that the April retrograde station occurred with Mars on the fixed star Antares where Saturn and Mars will both be on August This is due to the fact that the fixed star is located in the middle of the constellation Scorpio. Diana Rosenberg, one of the most knowledgeable fixed star astrologers, knew that Antares had strong connections with the great issues of humankind, especially intolerance, racism, and human rights. We are in the aftermath and continued rolling waves of the March eclipse, which had Sun, Moon, Mercury, Neptune, Chiron, Ceres, and the South Node in Pisces, the sign that can easily dip into sorrowful endings.

Total eclipses are thought to have a stronger or longer lasting impact. I set this chart for where I live; you can set it for where you were for the eclipse, or for Washington D.

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The angles are sensitive to location and, in this case, these angles happen to connect to my natal chart, one of the indications that this eclipse would be meaningful for me. Here are a few times when this eclipse might be particularly activated no matter what the location :.

The transiting Sun will also oppose the eclipse degree on September Although events close to the day of the eclipse assume great significance, and transits to the eclipse also can mark how events are developing, eclipses are also part of longer cycles, which connect to larger cycles of time. The Metonic cycle is the repetition of the same eclipse degree every 19 years. This explains why on birthdays that are 19 years apart, the Sun and Moon repeat the birth degrees — birthdays 19, 38, 57, 76, etc.

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The Saros cycle, on the other hand, connects eclipses at I have looked at both cycles over the years, in both personal and mundane work. Recently, though, in my personal life — and following up with a few friends and clients — I have a new respect for the Saros cycle. Bernadette Brady described a profound new way of interpreting eclipses in her book, The Eagle and the Lark.

Those features will carry through all eclipses in the series. The March 9 solar eclipse is part of the 18S Saros series. Thus when it affects a chart, individuals will find themselves dealing with a parting. This parting can be anything from a friend traveling overseas and the saying of goodbyes at the ending of a relationship with a loved one, which could bring much anguish and grief.

However, the pain of separation is lessened by encountering new situations which lead to very positive outcomes. This description is particularly meaningful to me as I did lose a very close family member at the time of the previous eclipse in this series on February 26, — 18 years ago. I suggest that you look at both cycles in your life and see what you find that may feel similar to what you are experiencing in this eclipse cycle. The eclipses that conjoin or oppose sensitive places in your natal chart — the Ascendant, Midheaven, Sun or Moon, chart ruler — will no doubt have more significance for you.

The individual will become aware of an old situation and see it for what it is rather than what he or she thought it was. This can be a constructive time for tackling the truth. The cycle lasts about years and is comprised of approximately 75 eclipses.

The repeating degree sets it off, maybe dramatically, but the Saros series seems to have an impact of greater depth. Why, she plaintively asked, am I having so much trouble with men? There was the immediate pain of the recent breakup of long-term partnership, as well as certain sensitive matters with other men in her life, mostly business connections.

Her natal Mars is in Sag and rules the 5th and 10th houses. She said, I am having the experience that my will is not the only thing, there is something much larger going on. It was a fine moment, especially perhaps for a quite accomplished Leo Sun who is very capable of making things happen. After going in to renew the license, she was shocked to fail the eye exam and have it taken away on the spot. I called another friend to check in with her, as I figured she might be having a rough few days.

She is another strongly fire type, with Aries on the Ascendant, and thus quite attuned to Mars.

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This person has been dealing with a long-term health challenge and said she was really struggling. A painful side of Mars in this case with Saturn was fully in her awareness. Those who rely upon ongoing productivity in worldly matters or Aries or Scorpio Sun signs, or those signs angular may find the haltingness of the current Mars difficult. We know not to fight, not to push blindly with Mars turning around.


Retreat is easier for some of us than others — those with natal Mars retrograde, or many 12th-house planets, or many planets below the horizon. With retrograde Mars, forward or direct action is thwarted, and yet we have this auspicious celestial invitation toward the inner life. But, Mars has an edge; it cuts and is sharp, especially in fire. Some will experience a particularly sharp moment, as the painful edge for each of us is more distinct now. And that pain may be a physical injury, or any event that causes us to temporarily wince or recoil.

Some may have a piercing insight Sag about the nature of their own reality or current life situation in the days around the station that will be developed further and deeper, especially as Mars goes back into the emotional scars and gifts and mysteries of Scorpio on May In honor of Mars starting the periodic derailment from his ordinary course, I burned my hand yesterday pouring steaming hot water into a different-than-usual teapot. Those of us with natal Mars retrograde may be coming into our own once again during the retrograde cycle.

Hey, no time like the present! I hope everyone has a fruitful, fulfilling, and joyous journey as we turn around and take another look at ourselves. As I woke on Sunday morning — halfway in a dream — my first thought was: What if I lost everything? I had been researching the always fascinating astrology of someone in the news for this blog, but the mood of the early morning stayed with me and I decided to investigate that question from in-between sleep and awake.

The Sun is moving towards Neptune; they meet precisely on February 28 and the Moon will perfect her opposition to Neptune tonight. The South Node and Chiron are also in Pisces, heightening our experiences of disappearance and loss, or susceptibility to non-ordinary states. Sometimes Neptune really does correspond with situations or life events that are difficult to bear.

What if I lost everything? I have had some difficult life events recently, so pondering loss was not completely out of context. I first swept through the current situations in my life — challenging events, no doubt, like everyone else, but the depth of that question still haunted me: What if I lost everything? Loss is an inevitable part of life.

I also remembered the beauty of the early morning sky; for these past few months, I have stepped out my front door to see Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Venus, and sometimes the Moon. His many speeches—which he wrote himself—were non-partisan but carried a conservative, pro-business message; he was influenced by Lemuel Boulware , a senior GE executive. Boulware, known for his tough stance against unions and his innovative strategies to win over workers, championed the core tenets of modern American conservatism: free markets , anticommunism , lower taxes, and limited government.

The party left me. When the legislation that would become Medicare was introduced in , he created a recording for the American Medical Association AMA warning that such legislation would mean the end of freedom in America. Reagan said that if his listeners did not write letters to prevent it, "we will awake to find that we have socialism. And if you don't do this, and if I don't do it, one of these days, you and I are going to spend our sunset years telling our children, and our children's children, what it once was like in America when men were free. Reagan gained national attention in his speeches for conservative presidential contender Barry Goldwater in He consolidated themes that he had developed in his talks for GE to deliver his famous speech, " A Time for Choosing ":.

The Founding Fathers knew a government can't control the economy without controlling people. And they knew when a government sets out to do that, it must use force and coercion to achieve its purpose. So we have come to a time for choosing You and I are told we must choose between a left or right, but I suggest there is no such thing as a left or right. There is only an up or down.

Up to man's age-old dream—the maximum of individual freedom consistent with order—or down to the ant heap of totalitarianism. This "A Time for Choosing" speech was not enough to turn around the faltering Goldwater campaign, but it was the crucial event that established Reagan's national political visibility. California Republicans were impressed with Reagan's political views and charisma after his "Time for Choosing" speech, [89] and in late he announced his campaign for Governor in the election.

In Reagan's campaign, he emphasized two main themes: "to send the welfare bums back to work," and, in reference to burgeoning anti-war and anti-establishment student protests at the University of California at Berkeley , "to clean up the mess at Berkeley.

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Senator William F. Knowland in and former Vice President Richard Nixon in had attempted to do: he was elected, defeating two-term governor Pat Brown , and was sworn in on January 2, In his first term, he froze government hiring and approved tax hikes to balance the budget. Shortly after assuming office, Reagan tested the presidential waters as part of a "Stop Nixon" movement, hoping to cut into Nixon's southern support [94] and become a compromise candidate [95] if neither Nixon nor second-place candidate Nelson Rockefeller received enough delegates to win on the first ballot at the Republican convention.

However, by the time of the convention, Nixon had delegate votes, 25 more than he needed to secure the nomination, followed by Rockefeller with Reagan in third place. Reagan was involved in several high-profile conflicts with the protest movements of the era, including his public criticism of university administrators for tolerating student demonstrations at the University of California, Berkeley campus. On May 15, , during the People's Park protests at the university's campus the original purpose of which was to discuss the Arab—Israeli conflict , Reagan sent the California Highway Patrol and other officers to quell the protests.

This led to an incident that became known as "Bloody Thursday," resulting in the death of student James Rector and the blinding of carpenter Alan Blanchard. Reagan then called out 2, state National Guard troops to occupy the city of Berkeley for two weeks to crack down on the protesters. No more appeasement. Early in , the national debate on abortion was starting to gain traction.

In the early stages of the debate, Democratic California state senator Anthony C. Beilenson introduced the "Therapeutic Abortion Act" in an effort to reduce the number of "back-room abortions" performed in California.

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After he recognized what he called the "consequences" of the bill, he announced that he was pro-life. In , Reagan signed the Mulford Act , which repealed a law allowing the public carrying of loaded firearms becoming California Penal Code and c. The bill, which was named after Republican assemblyman Don Mulford , garnered national attention after the Black Panthers marched bearing arms upon the California State Capitol to protest it. Despite an unsuccessful attempt to force a recall election on Reagan in , [] he was re-elected governor in , defeating "Big Daddy" Jesse M.

He chose not to seek a third term in the following election cycle. One of Reagan's greatest frustrations in office was the controversy of capital punishment , which he strongly supported. Anderson decision, which invalidated all death sentences issued in California before , though the decision was later overturned by a constitutional amendment.